Who Needs Insulation Removal?If your home already has insulation in Miami, you may think that it is already set, and you never have to worry about it again. After all, insulation is a long-term purchase meant to last decades.

However, there are many situations where homeowners need insulation removal long before they may have expected it. The longer the insulation has been in place, the higher the chance of these issues being in place, particularly if you have never monitored the condition of the insulation. If it has been in place for multiple decades, there is a solid chance that at least part of your insulation in Miami is no longer up to standard.

If you have experienced any of these situations or know that the previous homeowner did, it may be time to call a Miami insulation company to come have a look at your insulation for signs of damage.

Animal Problems

If pests have ever gotten into the home, your insulation may have been compromised as they work their way in. In colder months of the year, insulation in Miami can provide the extra heat animals seek at night, causing them to squeeze into small spaces. Most often these are in the attic or roof surface, which have openings that animals can find and work away at to create a bigger opening.

Many outdoor rodents, like squirrels and mice, will get into the insulation and nest, leaving behind damage. If an animal has been able to get in and nest, not only will they tear up the insulation for nesting material, they may also give birth, leave droppings and chew on nearby portions.

Insects are another possible source of issues in any home in South Florida, particularly if the home is not properly treated for pests over time. Pest control can help to prevent insects getting in, but even with preventative measures in place, the persistence and skill of the insects can win. Typical pests like ants and termites can infest the inside surface of the insulation.

Often, if there are pests in the insulation, the first sign to the homeowner is the smell or the sound. You may hear scratching sounds from within the walls or ceiling or smell a dead animal through the HVAC vents. Tears and contamination compromise the quality of the insulation, and the only solution is to have it replaced.

Water Issues

After correcting a roof issue, few homeowners think to check the insulation for signs of water exposure. Chances are, if water has ever made its way into your home, via a roof leak or another type of flooding or water exposure, there is a solid chance that water damage has also hit the insulation. The longer the water could sit in place before being cleaned up, the greater the chance of an issue is present.

Once the water has soaked into the insulation, it will strip away any special treatments that were applied to help protect the home, like fire retardant or water vapor repellent. It will also degrade the makeup of the insulation material, causing it to fall apart faster than normal as it becomes less durable. Worst of all, if there is mold growth present in the insulation, it must go before it can spread.

Why Hire a Miami Insulation Company to Perform Insulation Removal?

Why Hire a Miami Insulation Company to Perform Insulation Removal?Insulation removal should be done by a qualified insulation company in Miami to ensure it goes smoothly. Unqualified and untrained removal can result in issues for both the home and the people who attempt it. Fiberglass insulation can cause skin irritation when it meets exposed skin, which often happens when amateurs attempt removal without the right gear. Prolonged exposure to fiberglass insulation, especially the kind that has broken down over time, can result in eye irritation and respiratory problems.

If you suspect you need insulation removal within your home, contact A Best Insulation today. We can help you with fast and affordable Miami insulation removal.