The insulation in your home is probably not something you think about on a regular basis, but it is essential in your home’s function and comfort. Insulation helps to keep your home at the temperature you want, and the quality of the insulation in your home can have an impact on your energy bill. Learn more about this below.

How Insulation Works

Insulation is anything that fills spaces to reduce heat flow. In your home, you have thermal insulation, which slows heat loss or heat gain by creating a barrier between the inside of your house and the outdoors.

Heat naturally flows from warm places to cooler ones. This means that in winter months, heat tries to escape your home and flow to the cooler outdoors. Insulation prevents the escape of heat. When insulation contains the heat in the winter, your heating systems do not have to work as hard to heat your home. In the summer, insulation can help keep your home cooler by reflecting heat and keeping the cool air inside.

Since insulation helps your heating and cooling systems be more effective, you want to be sure your home has updated insulation that covers all the areas it needs to.

How Miami Insulation Works

Reducing Your Energy Bill with Proper Insulation

Like most homeowners, you probably groan when you get your energy bill. Your energy bill is just another cost for your home and your everyday life, but what if your energy bill did not have to be quite so high?

There are a couple of different ways you can reduce your energy costs. One is to improve or replace your heating or cooling systems because newer options are more energy efficient. Another approach is to reduce the air that is leaking from your home by air sealing your windows and doors. Your final option is to make sure your home is properly insulated.

According to, 50 to 70 percent of the average American’s energy bill comes from heating and cooling the home. That means if you want to reduce your energy bill, you must reduce the costs of heating and cooling your home, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by installing better insulation.

You may assume that the insulation in your home is just fine, but the odds are good that better insulation could reduce your energy costs. For example, older homes are often not insulated as well as newer homes because there have been changes and improvements to energy codes and insulation practices over the years. However, even if you have a newer home, your home may be lacking adequate insulation as well as many contractors looking to cut costs only install the minimal amount of insulation. If this is the case in your home, adding insulation could significantly improve your home’s efficiency.

An energy assessment or home energy audit can help you determine where you can improve your energy efficiency.  You can check out the home yourself, or have a professional to do it for you. In terms of insulation, you will be looking at the type and thickness of the insulation you have, and you will need to check all the areas where there should be insulation in your home. If your home does not have the proper insulation thickness, or if you have exterior walls without insulation, you need to get insulation added to your home.

Updating Your Insulation with A Best Insulation

Updating Your Insulation with A Best Insulation

At A Best Insulation, we provide you with superior Miami insulation services. We help you get insulation installed in your home to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy bill. We provide services such as spray foam installation, attic insulation, and even insulation removal.

We help you remove old, degraded, or water damaged insulation to make room for new insulation through a variety of processes. Our insulation removal process depends on the extent of the damage or issues you are having. For example, if the insulation is contaminated in some way, the process may be lengthier because we want to do our best to keep you and your family safe from any contaminants.

After the old insulation removal, we set about the process of getting new insulation in your home. Quality insulation helps your home be more energy efficient, and can even reduce your heating and cooling costs by letting less cool air escape your home during the summer, and less hot air escape your home during winter months.

A Best Insulation is a Miami insulation company that can help you with your home in South Florida. Our goal is to help people improve the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of their homes. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.