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Home Insulation Tips for a More Comfortable Miami Home

If you suspect the insulation in your Miami home isn't sufficient, borrow or buy a non-contact infrared thermometer and tour your home with it on a hot day. Note places where the temperature is higher than room temperature. Taking temperatures around curtains or window frames is more accurate, because glass can reflect readings from elsewhere. The more spots where the temperature is more than a few degrees hotter than room temperature, the more likely your home would benefit from insulation. Insulate Under Roof Sheathing When you insulate directly under your roof sheathing, you lower the amount of air loss through the roof and attic. [...]

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Call an Insulation Company for Upkeep on Your Home in Miami

If you purchased an older home or have been living in your home for many years, it might be a good idea to have your insulation checked. It’s just a part of the normal upkeep of your home, and there is a chance that you need to have your insulation removed and replaced. You can easily call an insulation company in Miami to come and take a look at the current state of the insulation in your home. If need be, there are insulation removal companies in West Palm Beach that will come and take care of the problem quickly and [...]

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Call for Professional Insulation Services to Update Your Home

Owning or renting a house is a lot of responsibility. There are many aesthetic and technical issues that need to reviewed and monitored to keep them up to code. There are some hazards, however, that are hidden so you may not even know they exist until something happens. One such thing is the insulation in your walls. You depend on that insulation to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but you likely don’t think about when you need to replace it or if there are any problems with it. Miami insulation services can send workers [...]

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Facts You Should Know About Attic Insulation in Fort Lauderdale

Yes, You Should Have Attic Insulation in Warm Climates Your Fort Lauderdale Attic Insulation Should Be at Least R-38 Insulation effectiveness is measured in R-value. R stands for Resistance. The number indicates the number of hours it will take for the inside temperature to equal the outside temperature with that insulation installed. In warmer climates, experts generally recommend attic insulation with R-values between 33 and 38. Increasing it to 49 can increase your savings, but anyone who recommends that you insulate to a higher R-level isn’t doing you any favors. You won’t see an increase in your savings to justify the [...]

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Replace Your Old Attic Insulation

It’s possible to make your home more energy efficient and also improve the air quality in your home by replacing your old attic insulation. This will improve your health, save money on your energy bill and is also good for the environment. The Company Will Inspect Your Home The first thing you should do is contact a company that will come to your home and inspect it. An energy expert will evaluate your home by looking at the air conditioning, the quality of your insulation, and look for leaks in your ducts. Then they can help you discover the steps you [...]

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