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What Makes a Home or Building Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency entails using less energy to produce the same outcome. You might be surprised to learn that you can convert older homes and buildings into energy efficient spaces. Energy efficiency carries a host of benefits for home and business owners. In addition to lowering your carbon footprint, you can anticipate lower heating and cooling bills every month. Tax rebates are available if you purchase energy efficient appliances for your home. Several factors determine a building’s energy efficiency rating. Insulation is a major contributor because it reduces energy waste. Heating and cooling homes and businesses account for a significant percentage of [...]

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Identifying If Your House Is Under-Insulated

Home insulation is the process of installing heat resistant materials that prevent the transfer of heat to and from your home. The areas of highest heat transference to and from your home include the roof, attic, walls, windows, doors, and floor of your home. Contact A Best Insulation your Fort Lauderdale Insulation company and we will promptly check your home to see if it is under-insulated Click Here Heat moves from regions of high temperature to regions of low temperature naturally, which means that during cold weather because the interior of your house is a higher temperature than outside the tendency of [...]

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Power Companies Want To Cut Back On Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy and power saving devices have become very popular in South Florida as of late. The reduced impact on the environment in combination with rebates from power companies has made energy efficient appliances worthwhile to many homeowners. According to a recent article published by The Ledger, the major power companies in Florida want to scale back on the energy efficiency program. For The Benefit Of The Customer... Or Is It? Representatives from energy companies such as Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy, Gulf Power Co. and others, want to move away from the energy conservation goal and implement programs that they claim will [...]

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4 Immediate Benefits Of Commercial Insulation Services

In the aftermath of the recession, many businesses have had to make tough choices about where to spend their limited resources and cash. One task that often gets pushed back on the calendar due to large up-front costs is building renovation. This can mean that employees and customers alike must put up with poor temperature control, drafts, excess noise and sometimes even condensation and mildew. However, if building updates are done through a qualified energy-efficiency contractor, a business can overhaul its storefronts, businesses, warehouses and more while actually saving money and productivity over the long run. A Best Insulation provides cutting-edge [...]

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Spray Foam Insulation Has Many Benefits Over Other Forms Of Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a type of expanding foam that is used as an alternative to traditional kinds of insulation, such as fiberglass. It is sprayed into wall cavities, onto roof tiles or into holes drilled into a finished wall. It has numerous advantages over other forms of insulation. A Best Insulation provides many energy-efficient options for insulation in Miami. From spray foam to leak sealing and noise control, we can make a building more eco-friendly, comfortable and fuel efficient. To request a free estimate with one of our commercial insulation contractors, Call Us At 855-563-9372 Today! Commercial Insulation Contractors In [...]

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The 4 Basic Stages of an Energy Audit for Commercial Buildings

The tools for conducting an energy audit are readily available, but energy audits performed by people without the necessary skills and experience may lead building owners to make choices that are not cost-effective or technically feasible, and may lead to changes that do not result in significant energy and cost savings. If you are in the market for commercial insulation services, the best first step is the energy audit, performed by skilled insulation specialists like those at A Best Insulation. Here are the basic stages of the energy audit. 1. Preliminary Energy Use Analysis By gathering energy bills and information on [...]

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Commercial Insulation Considerations for Buildings in Warm Climates

Does your commercial insulation company understand the differences between insulating commercial buildings in warm climates versus insulating buildings in cold climates? While many of the materials are the same, they may be installed differently in order to maximize benefits and minimize possible problems. Insulating commercial buildings properly results in energy savings and greater comfort for employees, clients, and customers. Here are some of the factors your commercial insulation company should take into account when assessing your building. The Importance of the Building Envelope The “envelope” or outer shell of your building influences cooling energy consumption, particularly in buildings with low interior [...]

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How Adding Home Insulation Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

Long before people knew what it meant to “go green,” home builders were also clueless about carbon footprints.  In other words, they weren’t particularly concerned with energy usage in the home.  As a result, most older and historic homes are inefficient when it comes to heating and cooling and maintaining a consistent, year-round temperature. Heat is lost and cold is gained far too easily in these abodes. The result is that heating and cooling systems must work harder, i.e., use more energy to maintain the desired temperature. This situation is not only bad for the environment, but it also hurts your [...]

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Insulation Contractors Make Your Miami Home Energy Smart

Solar radiation is the biggest source of heat energy in warm climates like Miami's. Solar radiation enters your home through windows, and it can heat up your home's outer "shell," increasing heat transfer into your home. Shading from the sun can help cut down on solar radiation, but we at A Best Insulation can do much more to help keep your home cool and comfortable. Your Home's "Envelope" and Your AC System In Miami's warm, humid climate, sealing your home's envelope is especially important in order to minimize the load on your air conditioning system. When humid air makes it inside, [...]

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Seven Reasons to Call a Wall Insulation Company in Miami

Wall insulation in Miami can help you save money, save energy and live more comfortably. If you’ve been wondering how much difference good insulation can make in your home, you might find these benefits of spray foam insulation enlightening. Use It Anywhere In Miami, attic insulation can pay off a big return on investment by reducing your energy costs and reducing the work your cooling system has to do. Spray foam insulation is versatile enough to use in attics, floors and walls – just about anywhere you need it. Reduce Energy Costs Wall insulation and attic insulation can reduce your energy [...]

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