It can be challenging to understand why warmer climates need insulation. The truth is, in some cases a house with inadequate insulation in an area with hotter weather can waste as much energy during the summer months as a colder climate home that is poorly insulated can lose in the winter. Typically, you will find that electricity costs more per kilowatt hour than natural gas costs per cubic foot. This means that ultimately, it could cost someone who doesn’t have enough insulation in their Miami home more money than a home in Alaska with poor insulation. One thing is for sure, having proper insulation can save you money no matter which state you live in!

Insulation in Your Miami Home

Most homes experience the most heat transference through their rooves. In layman’s terms, this means that the roof is the main place where heat either absorbs into or leaks out of the house. It is for this reason that most homes get extra insulation in their attics and why insulation is just as essential in a warmer climate as it is in a colder one. Some of the best options for Miami homes include new spray foam insulation as well as an optional radiant barrier.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam InsulationSpray foam insulation is one of the more commonly utilized varieties of insulations in homes across the United States. Sprayed insulation provides a multitude of benefits to a home and the homeowner. An insulation installation company will come into your home and apply spray foam insulation in your attic in all of the places that you need added coverage. The foam expands and fills all the cracks and holes quickly and efficiently.

Typically, homeowners prefer spray in insulation because it bonds directly with the wall and leaves little to no debris. By utilizing this method of insulation, you can ensure that all the hard to reach or out of the way places get excellent coverage in your attic, ceilings, and walls.

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers are a type of home insulation that helps to reduce the amount of heat from the sun that gets into your Miami home. This insulation consists of reflective barriers that reflect heat instead of absorbing it. When utilizing a radiant barrier with an air gap, most of the heat coming through the roof gets reflected out of the house. These barriers sometimes have a tarp-like material with an aluminum foil layer that creates the reflective surface.

How to Tell if Your Attic May Need More Insulation

Most homeowners can tell they have an insulation issue by checking for any of the following signs:

  • Fluctuation of the home’s temperature
  • Excessive use of the heating or cooling system
  • Having hot or cold spots throughout the house 
  • Having increasingly high utility bills

While this is not a comprehensive list, these are a few of the most common indicators and give you a good place to start if you think your home may be under-insulated. If you find you are experiencing one or more of these signs, you should talk to a professional insulation installation company to get a home assessment.

Home Energy Assessments

When contacting an insulation installation company, you should be able to request that they do a home assessment where they evaluate your homes energy use. This test will identify how effective your home’s seal is as well as its thermal transference. Some tests even include heat imaging that will show the Miami insulation company where your home could use some added protection. All this information allows the insulation team to discuss your options for protecting your house and making it more energy efficient. After applying the insulation solutions, your contractor should retake the same heat-sensitive image, and show you the difference between your before and after heat transference.

AB Insulation and Your Miami Home

AB Insulation and Your Miami HomeAt AB Insulation, we strive to help homeowners just like you make their houses more energy efficient. It is our goal to not only add insulation to your home but also to educate you and your family on steps you can take to decrease your energy use.

Our specialized team of experts is here to help you discern if you need more insulation. After our thorough home assessment, we will evaluate what steps you can take to create a more energy efficient home through affordable solutions that will save you money. Please contact us to discuss how our spray foam insulation and other services can fill the cracks in your home before your money starts leaking out of them!