Spray foam insulation is a type of expanding foam that is used as an alternative to traditional kinds of insulation, such as fiberglass. It is sprayed into wall cavities, onto roof tiles or into holes drilled into a finished wall. It has numerous advantages over other forms of insulation.

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Spray foam’s primary benefit over fiberglass is its air sealing properties. Spray foam fits into the space more completely and creates a stronger barrier to prevent air leaks. This serves to lower utility bills and energy use.

By using less energy to heat and cool the home, the homeowners can take comfort in knowing that their carbon footprint is smaller. They are making less of an impact on the surrounding environment over the years. And, of course, they are also saving money for themselves.

According to the Department of Energy, as much as 40 percent of a house’s energy is lost as a result of air leaking through windows, walls and doorways. Spray foam helps greatly to prevent this. It also protects against moisture, which can reduce the growth of mold and mildew.

Mold and mildew are common problems in homes encouraged by the presence of dampness, particularly behind walls and under the floor. They can cause respiratory problems and flu-like symptoms, so preventing their growth contributes to the health of a building’s occupants.

Spray foam insulation also reduces noise, creating a more effective barrier against airborne sounds that can seep through walls, roof and floor. This helps prevent noise from getting out and bothering neighbors, and it prevents noise from getting into the house. This is because spray foam is denser than fiberglass, and it also works better to fill the cracks where sound might seep through.

Spray foam has many other benefits, as well, from adding to the structural strength of the building to reducing ice damage and the infiltration of dust and pollen. Sometimes, using more eco-friendly insulation can get the homeowner a tax deduction.

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