Whether you’re building a new home or improving the one you already love, insulation in Fort Lauderdale is something that you’ll need to pay close attention to. By insulating your home, you could benefit from higher energy efficiency, and more effective cooling during the summer months. With the right insulation, you’ll reduce your monthly utility spend and even prolong the life of your air conditioner or split type inverter.

The problem for many homeowners is deciding between traditional fiberglass insulation and modern spray foam insulation in Fort Lauderdale. While both aims to perform the same task, the results can be quite different.

Understanding the pros and cons of both materials will help you to make the right choice for your insulation installation Fort Lauderdale.

Differences in Fort Lauderdale Insulation

Insulation in Fort LauderdaleFiberglass insulation traps air within individual fibers, slowing the transfer of heat. This stops air escaping from your home, and prevents ambient air from getting in. Air leakage is inevitable with fiberglass insulation, although the rate of leakage is low when compared to walls, floors, or attics with no insulation at all.

Foam insulation is an air barrier and can also stop moisture if closed cell insulation is used. Foam is more effective at stopping the transfer of heat either inside or outside of the home. Foam is much more efficient with the way it handles air movement. Closed cell Fort Lauderdale insulation can effectively eliminate air leakage, and even open cell air leakage is minimal.

If you have a problem with drafts in your home, then Foam insulation could be the perfect solution.

How Long Does Insulation Last?

Another consideration when choosing insulation is the longevity of different solutions. It doesn’t matter if you are installing in a new home or an existing home, you’ll get much more convenience from longer lasting materials.

When it comes to lifetime, foam insulation wins without question. Fiberglass insulation types will typically last up to 25 years when not exposed to moisture. Even the humid ambient air in Florida could damage fiberglass insulation in Fort Lauderdale. When the insulation stops working, you’ll need to install replacement batts or loose fill, and this could be extremely costly.

Foam insulation can last your lifetime and beyond. Polymers like polyurethane are used, so the material won’t break down over time. Moisture will not degrade foam insulation in the same way that it can degrade fiberglass batts and loose fill. Foam will last a minimum of 80 years in most situations. You’ll literally never have to worry about re-insulating your home, unless you make major renovations.

Longevity completely offsets the cost of installing foam insulation. In addition, it’s more environmentally friendly because fewer materials are used over the lifetime of your home.

Installation Method

This is a big one for homeowners, particularly when retrofitting insulation to an older home. Batts and loose fill require invasive installation methods. Major renovations will be required if you choose to insulate existing walls with fiberglass insulation.

Foam insulation can be sprayed into exterior walls, interior walls, foundations, and ceilings, without any major changes to the structure of your home. A small point of access can be created (usually a small hole) and patched after the foam has been applied. Foam expands to fill in every inch of the cavity.

If you are worried about installation costs for an existing home, then foam ultimately wins. For attics and foundations, the work required for both methods is roughly the same. Overall, foam insulation is the superior option, being more convenient to install and more flexible for older homes.

Other Benefits of Foam Insulation in Fort Lauderdale

Foam Insulation in Fort LauderdaleFoam is clearly a better choice for modern homes and older homes that need new insulation. In addition to excellent insulative properties, you’ll also gain other unique benefits.

Because foam Fort Lauderdale insulation expands and fills entire wall cavities, it can provide a structural benefit. Closed cell foam can add racking strength to walls and ceilings, sometimes creating 2x the strength of a wall that is filled with fiberglass batts.

Because foam expands and fills a cavity, it will not sag like fiberglass. This means that your insulation will be just as efficient in ten, twenty, or even fifty years as it is today.

Fiberglass batts provide some sound dampening, but not enough to be considered beneficial in the average home. In comparison, foam provides a highly effective sound barrier that can make your home quieter and more comfortable.

Choose the Fort Lauderdale Insulation Designed for the Modern Age

When you need insulation installation Fort Lauderdale, foam is without question the best choice. It’s more efficient, more versatile for both modern and older homes, and its easier to install and lasts much longer than fiberglass.

If you want your home to be dryer, warmer, quieter, more comfortable, and more energy efficient, then it’s time to talk to the best Fort Lauderdale insulation company. AB Insulation can provide a complete home assessment and make a recommendation that meets your needs and your budget. Book your energy survey and improve your home today.