A lot of American consumers today are participating in the green movement. Some people are paying more attention to their plastics consumption and recycling more, others are trying to lower their carbon footprints by adding solar panels to their yards, roofs, or businesses, and still, other like-minded individuals are increasing how green their homes are, by updating their Home Insulation and completing more airtight renovations.

All these ecologically conscious choices improve your green living practices, as well as make a real impact on our planet and environment. Though you may be doing your part as far as recycling and carpooling, is your home meeting the highest energy standards? Did you know that with just a few changes to your house, you could use over one fifth less energy every day? Keep reading to learn about how updating your Miami home insulation can help you be more eco-friendly and save you money at the same time!

How Will Having Proper Home Insulation Help Me Live Greener?

When a home is insulated to its proper R-Value, that home becomes more energy efficient. The R-value of a building is its ability to resist heat transfer. This heat transfer is measured by thermal resistance. The thermal resistance is then converted to R-value, which is how we determine the effectiveness of your insulation. Typically, the higher the R-value, the better the home insulation.

Energy Audit for home insulation

Your climate zone generally determines the recommended home insulation R values. Homes here in Florida are usually in climate zones 1 or 2. This means that your homes attic R-value should be between an R30 to an R60 while your house’s floor should have a minimum R-Value of R13 and a maximum of R19. These R levels are further impacted by the type of insulation that you have and the thickness that you use.

If your home meets its R-Value, it is likely meeting some of the highest energy efficiency standards. Typically, most homes in our area were built with the minimum amount of insulation, putting them way below the R-value that houses or buildings need to be for our weather conditions. If you get your home adjusted to a better R-value as well as make a few minor changes to your windows or doors, you may find a reduction of 20% or more in your energy usage. By reducing the amount of power your home uses each day, you can leave a smaller impact on the environment and save substantial sums of money on your utility bills.

What is an Energy Audit, and Do I Need One?

An energy audit is a series of tests that a company can do on a home or building to assess how much energy is being used as well as the efficiency of its use. Some companies will do a simple walk through to determine a few obvious concerns such as assessing your major appliances like your AC unit or furnace. The company will also look at your exterior walls, roof, windows, and doors to see their overall condition.

Most energy audits also include a set of tests for your doors and windows to make sure there are no drafts, assessments on your heating or cooling ducts, and thermal imaging of your home or building. Each of these tests provides valuable and quantifiable information that allows the company to discuss any places that lack efficiency or permit overuse of energy.

The last part of the home energy assessment is to compile all the information and put it through the home energy rating system. This number helps the auditors evaluate your house or building’s overall energy use. A report will be formed to advise you of a plan of action to correct any issues that were detected during this process.

A Best Insulation and Your Eco-Friendly Home

A Best Insulation is a Miami Insulation company. We help you have the Eco-friendliest home possible. We can assess the R-Value that your home needs against the R-Value Eco-Friendly Homethat it currently has. Our mission is to help educate each customer on what they can do to make their home more energy efficient. With one of the most comprehensive home energy assessments in south Florida,our teams can show you precisely what needs to change in your house to increase your green living. Additionally, we also offer a unique guarantee on our correction services. Once we have completed the energy efficiency plan we have worked out with you, A Best Insulation will redo some of the energy audit tests, such as the thermal imaging, so that you can see a visual confirmation that your home’s energy use is being better maintained.

You can contact us to schedule an energy audit on your house. After evaluation, our specialists will give you a step by step plan to further your home’s efficiency . Let us help you help our planet. Reach out to us today.