Solar radiation is the biggest source of heat energy in warm climates like Miami’s. Solar radiation enters your home through windows, and it can heat up your

home’s outer “shell,” increasing heat transfer into your home. Shading from the sun can help cut down on solar radiation, but we at A Best Insulation can do much more to help keep your home cool and comfortable.

Your Home’s “Envelope” and Your AC System

In Miami’s warm, humid climate, sealing your home’s envelope is especially important in order to minimize the load on your air conditioning system. When humid air makes it inside, dehumidification increases energy consumption significantly. However, if your home is properly insulated, your AC system can do its job more efficiently, making your house more comfortable and lowering your energy bills (Read about insulation and energy savings here).

Radiant Barriers

and Miami Home Insulation

A radiant barrier cuts down on heat transfer due to thermal radiation. When hot sunlight strikes your roof, the shingles and roof sheathing heat up, causing the underside of the roof to radiate heat toward the attic floor. But when a radiant barrier is put between roofing material and an insulated attic floor, heat radiated from the hot roof is reflected back upward, keeping the top surface of an insulated attic floor cooler. This helps keep your living space cooler too.

How Should a Radiant Barrier Be Installed?

Radiant barriers are often placed over rafters or trusses under roof decking. The air space created between the trusses and the underside of the roof makes for an effective barrier and keeps the insulation on the attic floor cooler than it would be otherwise. There needs to be air space between the barrier and the roof to prevent heat being conducted through the radiant barrier.

Look for Experienced Insulation Contractors in Miami

Home insulation professionals in Miami have experience insulating homes in a hot climate know how to help you make your home more energy efficient. Look for contractors who will do an energy audit of your home to determine exactly where insulation should be placed in order to make the most positive difference in the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

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