The Many Possible Uses of Spray Foam Insulation in MiamiOne of the areas that homeowners want insulation in Miami homes is the attic area. Many homeowners have heard about the benefits that spray foam insulation can bring once you have applied it to the attic portion of the home. Applying spray foam insulation in the attic area can help you save hundreds on heating and cooling costs and prevent the moisture that comes in and causes mold and mildew to grow in the structure. Its also one of the easiest methods to have insulation put in that causes the least disruption to your lifestyle.

Insulating the attic portion of your home can bring many benefits, but it is not the only place spray foam can go. In an older home that hasn’t been modernized, there can be several places to add spray foam. If you’re wondering about other places in your home where you can use spray foam insulation, here are just a few ideas to get you started with our experts.

How Spray Foam Insulation Works

To understand why spray foam insulation only works in some parts of the home, you have to know a little about how it is installed and how it works. Spray foam is applied to open areas, like an unfinished attic area. When a Miami insulation service comes in to apply the insulation, they use a spray gun connected to two canisters. It consists of two components that are kept separately and heated as they are sprayed. The foam then expands after it is heated to fill the space. This means it can only be applied to areas that have open space to apply the insulation and let it expand.

Storage Areas Can Use Miami Insulation

Storage Areas Can Use Miami InsulationA place that some homeowners overlook when they think about insulating is storage areas, like large closets or crawl spaces. This space can be where the heating and cooling equipment is located. While it can be a small space, the benefits of insulating this space can be well worth it. This is a case where temperature stability is not the only reason to place insulation. If moisture builds up in the space around the HVAC unit, it can compromise the air quality in your home and help mold start growing. By insulating the closet where this is stored, you protect your HVAC system and prevent mold from taking hold.

Add-On Spaces

In order to save money, some people will build on to the existing space without putting insulation in. This can lead to this portion of the home being hotter and cooler than other parts of the house, no matter how you try to regulate the temperature. Placing spray foam insulation in these rooms creates an effective air barrier that helps regulate temperature in your new space and stop it from being a different temperature than the other rooms. Click here to learn more about why you should choose spray foam for your home or business. 

Man Cave or Home Theater

Miami Insulation CompanyWhen you decide to make a room designed to make media the center focus, you will want to keep the sound from traveling to other areas of your house and create a stereo sound experience. Making sure that the sound stays in these rooms helps you enjoy music, football games, movies and more. It also helps your family have peace in the other rooms of the home by stopping the sound from escaping that room. So even if a football game goes late and you cheer your loudest, no one will hear.

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