When you are in the process of building a home there are many important things for you to consider. For example, you will have your air conditioning system along with your heating system, and of course all of your appliances. One of the biggest buzz words in the housing market, period, is ‘efficiency’, and with good reason. Without adequate home efficiency you will find that your heating bill might skyrocket, and with that being the case, you need to make sure you have proper insulation. This is where your home will be either made or broken as far as efficiency and comfort levels are concerned. Let’s talk a bit about efficiency, and then cover the different types of insulation that you might consider for your home. Remember, it pays to have a professional Fort lauderdale Insulation service on your side!

Understanding Home Efficiency

When you hear the term ‘efficiency‘, you probably think of a piece of factory machinery. For example you might find yourself thinking of a well oiled machine, but certainly not a home. As it turns out, there are certain things you can do to make a home more efficient, starting with the addition of insulation as you are performing the initial build. Insulation generally catches air as it passes through the conductive or porous walls of a home which serve to ensure that your air conditioning unit does not work overtime, therefore keeping your heating and air conditioning bill at a respectable level. There are a number of other things that you can do to make your home more efficient, but insulation is among the best, and the focus of this article. What it all comes down to however, is actually choosing the right insulation for your purposes.


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Choosing the Right Insulation

Any good  Fort Lauderdale Insulation companies will let you know that there are different types of insulation rather than simply choosing one for you. In terms of home insulation, at least in when it comes to a house, there are two popular types. First of all you have the R-12 pink insulation rolls, and then you have what is known as spray foam insulation. There is actually a good chance that you have heard of spray foam insulation at some point given how popular it is, but is it right for you? If you are building a brand new home and you are on a limited budget, then it is possible that you will be more interested in typical roll insulation simply because it is cheaper.

You can revisit this later on, but you would need to remove the drywall and start over again, which can be a bit expensive. Spray foam insulation is a great idea and more efficient, though it does come with its very own set of problems. First of all, you will find that some companies actually fail to give you total coverage either as a result of ignorance or an attempt to save money. Either way, that would be unacceptable and you should most definitely check the credentials of the company before you allow them to spray foam to your house.

Another thing to keep in mind is that after the  Fort Lauderdale Insulation installation, is that the spray foam might actually separate from the frame of your home, which will cause yet another leak. This can happen through negligence, or it could be the result of your home shifting. Either way, it is something that you will want to address at your earliest convenience, and of course make sure that the job you have performed is actually under warranty.

A lot of work can go into your installation, but good Fort Lauderdale Insulation services will help to ensure that the job is not only done, but done right. A properly insulated home will save you money and help you to survive both the hot and cold seasons. It’s a matter of proper installation and insulation, so get started as soon as possible with our help and our expertise in the matter!

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