You can maintain the perfect temperature in your home all year round with the proper amount of insulation.

With hot and humid summer months, South Floridians depend heavily on air conditioners and heat inverters. HVAC systems can cause your power bill to skyrocket if you don’t have the proper insulation in Miami.

AB Insulation serves residential and commercial customers throughout the Miami metro area. If you have inadequate insulation, need to replace worn insulation, or require an insulation contractor for a new build, the team at AB Insulation is here to help.

Why Insulation is Required in Miami

Insulation in Miami

Homes and businesses without efficient insulation can lose the thermal energy stored inside. When you are spending money to cool that air, this becomes an expensive problem. Given our hot and humid climate in the Miami metro area, efficient insulation is especially important.

Any unwanted air movement should be avoided. Whether warm air is getting in or cool air is escaping. Your utility bill could be higher than necessary, and your cooling system could require servicing more often because it is working so hard every day. A thermally inefficient home is also damaging to the environment, due to the extra electricity you will use to maintain the perfect temperature.

Miami insulation is the only real solution to air infiltration or air loss from your home.

Where should insulation be installed

25% of air infiltration (outside air coming into your home) occurs due to a poorly insulated roof area. Another 25% arises from the gaps around doors and windows. The rest occurs through floors, walls, and the windows.

Insulation can also be installed in cathedral style sloping ceilings to keep temperatures consistent throughout your home, reducing your energy usage and reliance on air conditioning.

If you have all these factors working against you, then your air conditioner or inverter system will be running overtime to keep your home comfortable.

Which Insulation is Best for Your Attic

The attic of your home will be the most critical area for new or replacement insulation. Several solutions can be useful in keeping your home sealed and free of excess thermal loss.

Foam installation can be installed in your attic space to seal around the ceiling completely. Unlike loose-fill and batt style insulation, foam is more efficient and can seal even the smallest areas where air can pass through.

Installing radiant barriers in your attic space will help to reflect the heat that tries to enter your home during the hot summer months. A combination of insulation and a radiant barrier will ensure that your home or business is both comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the year.

When is Insulation Required on Air Ducts

You’ll need to install insulation on air ducts if you have a central air system with ducting that runs through unconditioned spaces. You will need to use foil-faced fiberglass insulation with an R-6 or higher R-value.  Uninsulated ducts are less energy-efficient and will result in higher costs to cool your home. Talk to the Miami insulation experts if you have a ducted system that needs attention.

Insulation for Your Exterior Walls

The cost of adding insulation to your exterior walls can be a little costly if you do not use the right company. The use of foam insulation, which is sprayed into wall cavities through small openings, is highly efficient and much more cost-effective than traditional insulation.

Do You Need Underfloor Insulation in Miami

Insulation Installers Miami

While we’re on the subject of insulation, let’s not forget about your floors. Underfloor insulation is important because a significant amount of conditioned air can escape through drafty floors, and ambient heat from outside can get into your home. Floors above garages are often responsible for inefficient cooling and heating in homes.

Foundations should also be insulated, not only to keep rooms comfortable but also to prevent any moisture problems that might develop. Insulating your foundation can also help protect against insect infestation. Mitigating the risk of mold and pests is especially vital in Miami, where these are common problems for homeowners.

Get the Best Insulation Installers Miami

It always pays to work with professionals when it comes to insulation installation. Whether you need to insulate a recently renovated or remodeled area of your home or if you need a complete replacement for worn out batts or loose-fill insulation, you can trust the team at AB Insulation to deliver the best results.

Our Miami insulation installation service is fast, efficient, and will result in a home or business that is more comfortable and less expensive to maintain.

If you want a home that is dryer, cooler, and more energy-efficient, reach out to AB Insulation today to set up a  home energy survey.