Insulation – Why It Is So Essential in a Warm ClimateAs spring is turning to summer, we are turning our thoughts to the high seasonal energy bills associated with much-needed air conditioners here in Fort Lauderdale. Though we typically think of insulation when it is cold and how that will help us keep the warm air in our homes, insulation is just as crucial to a house in the summertime. With the proper type of insulation, you can reduce your utility bills, save energy, and be eco-friendlier. Keep reading to learn about properly insulating your home this summer.

How Insulation Works

Before you can understand why insulation is so important in a warm climate, you first need to have an understanding of how insulation works. Typically, most types of insulation work by reducing, slowing or minimizing heat transference through it and the area it is protecting. For example, if you want to insulate your walls and you add a layer of rolled insulation, this will help to prevent heat transference between the interior air of your home and the outside air. You should always ensure your home has adequate insulation which will keep warm air in during the wintertime by not allowing the heat to pass through it. When the summer heat is so oppressive, you will find that insulation works in the same way. Where the warmth is originating from is the only difference in the insulation method. Your added protection will keep warm temperatures out in the summertime, which will help your air conditioner run more efficiently and keep your home temperate.

The Most Important Place to Insulate for Heat

The Most Important Place to Insulate for HeatWhen it comes to summer temperatures, one of the biggest problems is sunshine. With the suns rays continually beating down on a home or surface, those areas are sure to heat up. Most south Florida homes have asphalt or metal roofing, both materials that conduct heat very efficiently. This means that when the sun is shining down on the top of your house, your roof is heating up and that warmth is being transferred into your attic or home.

Because your roof has the most exposure to the sun, you will find that the most important place to insulate your home for summer heat is your attic. By doing this, you will reduce the heat that is transferred into your home, making it easier for your air conditioner to maintain the cooler temperature you choose. By having less heat to remove or control, you will find that your HVAC unit will run less frequently and use less energy. Homeowners who install adequate insulation in their attics typically see savings of up to 25% off their utility bills.

What Kinds of Fort Lauderdale Home Insulation Work Best Against the Hot Temperatures?

If you already have insulation in your attic, you may think that this article does not pertain to you; however, you should know that all insulation’s are not equal. In warmer climates, just having blown or rolled insulation is often not enough. One of the best insulation’s available to reduce the amount of heat that can enter your home through the roof is a radiant barrier.

A radiant barrier is a hyper-reflective insulation system. This type of insulation works by lowering the amount of radiant heat that can penetrate your home. The addition of a radiant barrier can help your other insulation work more efficiently, which will give your home the most protection you can from the suns superheating rays. One of the most significant things to remember when considering adding radiant barriers to your home is that the reflective portion of it must be directed at an open-air space.

This type of insulation can even be useful in the roof portion of some porches. This addition to a veranda or covered deck will create a more refreshing shade that makes enjoying your outdoor space the luxury you have always dreamed it could be. With a reduction in your utility bills and the ability to use all your home no matter what the season or weather is, you will find living in south Florida to be the retirement you always imagined!

A Best Insulation: Your Summer Cooling Solution.

A Best Insulation: Your Summer Cooling Solution for Fort Lauderdale home insulation If you are not sure what variety of insulation you have in your home, or if there is enough of the material to help keep your house cool this summer, contact A Best Insulation for a home assessment. Our team will come out and evaluate your house’s energy efficiency. The specialists that we have here will be able to determine if your home needs an insulation update or if you can benefit from the addition of radiant barriers in your attic. A Best insulation is your goto Fort Lauderdale insulation company. Get in touch with us today, so we can help you be more comfortable in your home regardless of the weather outside!