One way to improve your company’s bottom line is to cut expenses. If you’re paying huge utility bills to air condition your business, commercial insulation contractors can show you how investing in your business’s energy efficiency today pays off over the long term. At A. Best Insulation, we are commercial insulation contractors with extensive experience in improving the energy efficiency of businesses of every type and size, saving
clients money for many years into the future.

HVAC Duct Sealing and Insulation

If the ductwork for your business’s HVAC system has leaks, you’re basically paying to air condition crawl spaces, attics, or wherever the ducting is routed. Look for commercial insulation property contractors who also offer HVAC duct sealing and insulation, because these two services can make a noticeable difference in the comfort of your business space and in your utility bills.

Floors, Walls, and Roofs

Commercial insulation contractors should come to your place of business and perform a thorough assessment of your building’s current insulation status, the condition of the HVAC duct system, and particular places in the building envelope that are prone to drafts. Insulation
options for commercial buildings include under-floor insulation, insulation in walls, and underneath roofs.

Your Business May Qualify for Tax Incentives

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 contains tax incentives for improving the energy efficiency of commercial buildings. In 2008, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act extended these benefits through December 31, 2013. Partial deductions are available for improvements to HVAC,
hot water systems, and interior lighting, as well as building envelope insulation. If your business qualifies, you could get an even better return on
your insulation investment.

Your First Step Is Calling a Commercial Insulation Specialist

When you evaluate commercial insulation contractors, ask candidate companies if they have worked on the type of building your business uses. Insulating an office that was converted from a residence is different from insulating a large, open-plan metal building with concrete floors. Your contractor should explain the recommendations and why they’re being made. At A. Best Insulation, we have the experience in commercial and residential insulation contracting to ensure the job is done right and improves the energy efficiency of your building.