Insulation and Energy Efficiency: The Facts

It is pretty common knowledge that having adequate insulation in your home in Minnesota, Michigan, or New York during the winter months can lead to significant money savings; however, the truth is that there is potential for just as substantial savings in warmer climates, too. Here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, it is just as essential to have not only enough insulation in your home but the right kind of insulation in the right areas of your home for the summer months. Having the appropriate insulation not only helps to reduce your utility bill costs, but it will also help to reduce your overall energy use, making your home more energy-efficient.

How Insulation Works to Improve Energy Efficiency

In the world, heat flows from warm to cool places to even out the temperature difference. This happens in your home as well as throughout the world. That means on a cold day, your heater will heat your home, but the heat will try to escape to the outdoors. Insulation works to slow the heat flow from the indoor to the outdoors to keep your home warmer. In the summer, proper insulation can resist the heat from outdoors and keep your home cooler. With a proper insulation barrier, your home will stay at the temperature you want it to without using excess heating and cooling systems.

Insulation is Always Working

One of the greatest things about insulation as an energy-efficient solution is that regardless of the season or time of day, it is working all the time. Unlike energy star appliances that only save you energy when they are in use, the savings are never shut off with insulation. Whether you are saving money on your gas bill in the winter or your electricity in the summer, you are reducing the costs for your home, and the total amount of energy your home uses 24 hours a day seven days a week by adding adequate insulation.

Insulation is one of the Best Energy Savers

Because the insulation is always working, it can be argued that it is the best energy-saving measure any homeowner can take. Depending on the amount of insulation you already have in your home, and which areas are lacking insulation, you may find that getting an energy assessment on your home and correcting energy leaks could save you as much as twenty percent on your energy bill.

Insulation is One of the Most Cost-Effective Energy Savers

Floor Insulation

When you look at the cost to buy and have insulation installed compared to the amount an excellent insulation installation can save you, you will find a significant value. Typically, some people see the full cost of their insulation saved in only one year of energy bill reductions. This is an enormous return on investment if you are comparing it to the amounts energy-saving appliances can save you vs. their costs for you to purchase initially.

Insulation is Recyclable

Dissimilar to much of your other home energy efficiency products, most insulation is recyclable. Many of the varieties that are available in today’s markets can be recycled and turned into more insulation products. A large portion of today’s insulation is made out of plant or animal-based products such as wool or cellulose. Both creating and recycling these natural insulation materials are less energy-intensive than most human-made materials. This is primarily due to having to manufacture the materials or break down those manufactured materials into base material components for recycling.

You Can Add Insulation to Existing Insulation That is Inside Your Home

Sometimes when considering energy-efficient choices, it can be hard or expensive to replace large objects such as cars or HVAC units, but with insulation, you may not have to replace anything. A lot of the time, you can just get more insulation added to your attic and walls. This means that you can utilize the product that is already there while adding more efficiency for less money than removing and replacing the old insulation altogether.

Compared to the Energy Saved, Producing Insulation Consumes Relatively Little Energy

Insulation is one of the best energy savers

If you look at the energy required to shape metal and create anything electrical and compare that energy usage to the energy saved when using a high-efficiency appliance, you will find that over the life of the device, there will be some energy savings. However, if you consider the amount of energy that has to be utilized to create most insulations, the energy savings outweigh the energy costs, typically within three months.

Reductions in Carbon Monoxide

Studies have shown that placing insulation in homes and buildings in the United States helps to reduce carbon dioxide production by over 780 million tons every year. This number is equivalent to the amount of electricity that well over 90 million standard homes would use in one year.

AB Insulation and Your Energy Efficiency

Professional insulation installation

If you want to know how much you can save on your utility bills by getting extra insulation added to your Fort Lauderdale home, contact us at AB insulation today! We will give your home an energy assessment to evaluate the exact places that your home needs some help with energy leaks. Check out some of the services we offer at A Best Insulation below.

  • Energy Assessments – At A Best Insulation, we can do an energy assessment on your home. During this assessment, we will look at how your home is functioning, including the insulation and possible air leaks. We will assess the ways in which your home’s efficiency can be improved, and we will help you improve it.
  • Home Air Sealing – Air leaks in your home can make your home significantly less energy-efficient. That is why we offer a home air sealing service. We will measure the air intrusion in your home and fix the leaks so that you have a more energy efficient home. This service can end up saving you significant money on heating and cooling costs.
  • Insulation Removal – There can be issues with insulation experiencing damage. Insulation can be damaged by water or animal infestation, and that insulation will need to be removed from the home completely. At A Best Insulation, we have insulation removal services so that you don’t have to worry about removing old insulation. We can remove polluted or damaged insulation and install new insulation for you.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – Spray foam insulation describes a type of insulation that starts as a liquid and then expands and hardens when it is sprayed onto an area. This type of insulation is quite popular because it helps a home be insulated quickly and thoroughly. However, spray foam insulation is not necessarily something you want to do yourself. You can trust the experts at A Best Insulation to help you out with that.
  • Attic Insulation – Attic insulation is another service that we provide. This service is important for those living in South Florida because it can help them keep their home at a more comfortable temperature, and it can help them be more energy efficient.

Let AB insulation, your leading Fort Lauderdale insulation company, help you to make your home more energy efficient in the most sustainable way. Contact us about adding insulation to your house today.