Insulating Your HomeScientific studies show that as a global community we need to be more environmentally conscious, and an easy way that we can help stop climate change and assist in the efforts to save our planet is by being more energy efficient. One of the most prominent places we waste power is in our homes with internal climate controls. Take a step towards saving the planet as well as saving money on your monthly energy bills today, by contacting an insulation installation company to evaluate your Fort Lauderdale home.

With the Sunny Days in Fort Lauderdale, Why Does My Home Need Insulation?

Typically, insulation is used for one thing. It protects your home from thermal leakage. This means that it keeps the warm air from your heater in the house when its cold outside, and during warm sunny days it will keep the hot air out allowing your air-conditioner to do its job. This means that despite there being more warm days than cold days in Florida, our homes need insulation just as much as those in colder climates.

My Home is Older. Can Insulation Still Make it More Energy Efficient?

Choosing appropriate energy efficient insulations for your home’s attic, ceilings, flooring, and walls will make any home, old or new, more energy efficient as well as more economical and comfortable for you. With the right tools such as airtight home technology, and other thermal barriers, you can reduce the amount of energy required to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

How Do I Know If My House Has Enough Insulation to be Energy Efficient?Insulation

You can see if your home is meeting energy guidelines in a couple of different ways. One of those ways is to look in your attic and crawl space to see what kind of insulation is installed there and how much you have in each place.

  • First, measure your insulation to see how thick it is. Once you know the type of insulation you have and its depth you can look online to determine the insulation’s R-value. The R-Value is a material’s ability to resist the flow of heat through it. Each type of insulation is assigned an R-value. Once you know what the R-Value is for the material insulating your house, you multiply that number by the thickness to calculate the total R-Value of the insulation in your home.
  • After figuring out your current insulation R-value, you should determine if you need to add more insulation to your home. To do this, you can look up the recommended R-value for your area and subtract the R-value that you calculated from the new number you have looked up. This will allow you to figure out how much additional insulation your home might need.
  • If all of that math seems a bit overwhelming and you are not quite sure where to even look to find how thick your insulation is, do not fear. There are professionals who do this sort of thing every day. Contact an insulation contractor to complete a home assessment and let you know what steps you should take to get your home up to the ideal R-Value.

Does Making My Home More Energy Efficient Really Matter?

Just in case helping save the planet, stopping climate control, and saving money on your energy bills isn’t enough to convince you that making your home more energy efficient is worth it, here are some other reasons to have the insulation inspected in your home.

  • Comfort
    • Having an energy efficient home means that your climate control can be more precise and exactly the temperature you want it to be.
  • Regulations
    • Some communities, cities, and states regulate how energy efficient your home must be. If you happen to be in a location that has these requirements, you could incur fines or penalties for not following the local regulations.
  • Extra Money
    • There are incentive programs such as tax credits or utility bill credits for some areas that update their homes with new energy-saving techniques. Check to see if your area is offering any added benefits for being more energy efficient.

Contact A Best Insulation to Get Your Home Updated Today!

 A Best Insulation

A Best Insulation is a contractor that can assess your home and determine the steps that you need to take to meet the newest energy guidelines. They will discuss a plan of action with you and then make all the corrections that are necessary. Once the transformation is complete, A Best Insulation will reassess your home to ensure they were able to correct all the thermal issues. To learn more about how A Best Insulation can help your home assist in saving the planet and saving you money, check out their web page now!