Home insulation is the process of installing heat resistant materials that prevent the transfer of heat to and from your home. The areas of highest heat transference to and from your home include the roof, attic, walls, windows, doors, and floor of your home. Contact A Best Insulation your Fort Lauderdale Insulation company and we will promptly check your home to see if it is under-insulated Click Here

Heat moves from regions of high temperature to regions of low temperature naturally, which means that during cold weather because the interior of your house is a higher temperature than outside the tendency of the warm air will be to transfer outside.

If your home does not have enough insulation, the temperature within your house is harder to maintain. Inadequate insulation allows heat to escape and makes your HVAC system run longer and harder, ultimately leading to higher energy utility costs.

Additionally, heat transference goes both ways. During the hotter months of the year, a lack of insulation will let cool air on the interior of your home leak out and allow the hot air from outside in. Again, this inefficiency leads to greater wear and tear on your HVAC system and more expensive cooling costs.

Signs That Your House is Under Insulated

If you think that your home may be under-insulated, there are a few things that you can look for to identify this problem.

  • Fluctuating temperatures within your home

If your home is well insulated, you should not feel any temperature variation as you walk from room to room. If you experience this, it means that the colder rooms are under-insulated and are losing heat to either the exterior of the home or to the adjoining rooms. If you find that this is happening in your home, you should consult a Fort Lauderdale Insulation company for solutions to this problem.

  • Increase in energy bills during the summer or winter

If you experience a sudden increase in your energy bills during these two extreme seasons, it means that the insulation in your home is probably worn out or lacking. It is during these two extreme seasons that the insulation of your home really plays its part, and you will best be able to notice if it is failing to do its job.
The increase in your utility bills is directly related to the additional stress put on your HVAC system which must run for longer durations to maintain the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat.

Again, a Fort Lauderdale Insulation company can help you solve this problem and keep your home’s temperature and your utility bill more stable.

  • Walls feel cold to the touch

If you run your fingers against the walls, ceiling, or floor and it feels cold to the touch, this is an excellent indication that there is not enough insulation in your home.
Typically, the insulation material is installed in the walls between studs and between the rafters of your floor and attic. As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this insulation is to regulate the transfer of heat and maintain a steady temperature within your home.
When surfaces such as your walls or floors feel cold to the touch, it means they are losing heat due to poor insulation coverage.

  • Hot rooms

Just as cold walls and floors indicate a problem,  rooms that feel hotter than the others during the warmer months of the year also point to trouble. Hot rooms mean that heat is being transferred from the hotter outside environment to the interior of the rooms.

For cold or hot rooms contact a Fort Lauderdale Insulation company for assistance on adding insulation to the rooms that you find need some extra help.


Avoid losing warm or cold air from your home and running unnecessarily high utility bills by having adequate insulation installed in your home. Additionally, it is important to have the insulation of your home checked out regularly. Identifying and repairing or replacing damaged insulation as you find it will not only save you money in utility costs but will also save you the headache of a big replacement job if you let the problems get out of hand. Call our professional team at ABInsualtion, for advice, questions, or solutions to all your insulation needs and keep your home comfortable all year round with the right amount of insulation.