A majority of Americans love summertime, mostly because it is the perfect time to enjoy activities outside, go on a vacation, or just enjoy lounging under the sun having fun. However, during the extremely hot days of summer, is it fun to see your kids or other family members dripping with sweat or tossing and turning all night long because your home lacks the proper ventilation needed to stay cool?

There are various ways that you can improve ventilation throughout your home and prevent your family, especially your kids, from suffering from the extreme heat during the summer months. One way is taking space throughout your home and set it aside for updated windows or a.c. units.

Attic Insulation can Bring Comfort to Your HomeIt is important that you know that this is only a temporary solution to beating the heat radiating through your home. Instead, to keep your home comfortable and cool this summer, you need to start from the-

  • Roof
  • Ceiling
  • Attic

These are the areas in your home where the heat from the sun is transmitted from. To keep the temperatures inside your home cool, consider getting proper attic and roof insulation in Fort Lauderdale.

Attic Insulation can Bring Comfort to Your Home

One of the key ingredients to having a happy home is having a comfortable and safe family. If you want to make sure that your family will be comfortable inside your home regardless of the extreme heat outside, installing our Fort Lauderdale insulation is something you must do as soon as possible. Our insulation will block the thermal transfer of heat by creating a seal in your ceiling or attic. This will keep hot air away from the living spaces of your home, therefore, keeping the heat away from your family.  

Use Insulation to Boost the Efficiency of Your Home’s Energy

You can make your home more energy efficient by having insulation properly installed by our professional crew. Insulation will minimize costs on your utility bill this summer by stopping cold air from escaping your home easily while keeping the hot air out of your home.

Reduce the Noises With Properly Installed Installation in Fort Lauderdale

Insulation serves many purposes and in addition to keeping your living areas cool, it also has the ability to absorb and deflect sound. With benefits of soundproofing, it enables your family the ability to enjoy a more peaceful and quieter home.

How Does our Insulation Reduce Noise?

Reduce the Noises With Properly Installed Installation in Fort Lauderdale

While most people look forward to the savings on their energy bills as a benefit of installing insulation, there are people who install it for other reasons. One of the other great benefits of insulation is soundproofing. If you are bothered by outside noises or the outside noises are extremely loud, our insulation can reduce them.

Soundproofing is a great idea if you live in a high traffic area, an apartment complex or in the city since the noises are a lot louder in these places.

How Does Insulation Reduces Noises?

To be able to limit the transmission of sound from one area to another, you will need a material that forms a barrier to absorb vibrations and encloses the source of the noise between the noise and adjacent areas. Insulation works just like this!

However, it is important to keep in mind that not all types of insulation will reduce noises. Radiant barriers or reflective insulation work by reflecting the heat from the sun. This is installed typically in the attic, underneath your roof, and it reflects the heat from the sun. While this will keep your home cool, it will not reduce noises.  

If your main goal with insulation is soundproofing, you will want to choose:

  • Cellulose
  • Fiberglass
  • Foam

These types of insulation will reduce noises between rooms, between different levels of your home, as well as reduce outside noises. Cellulose and fiberglass can be installed in your-

  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Ceilings

If you are interested in installing insulation in your home, make sure that you hire the best that A Best Insulation has to offer. We use high-quality materials and we make sure that the work that we complete for you will last for years. Call our team today to hire the most experienced and best team for your insulation needs.

Soundproofing and Insulation

Soundproofing and InsulationThere are two different types of sounds that you can hear are impact and airborne. Impact noises can include:

  • Footsteps
  • Vibrations from-
    • Dryer
    • Washer

Airborne noises will include:

  • Traffic
  • Voices
  • Sounds from TV
  • Music

If you have insulation that has been properly installed, you will be shocked to see how much the sounds from your neighbors or outside is reduced!

If you would like to learn more about soundproofing and the best insulation in the Florida area, or if you are ready to jump in and begin your insulation installation project to soundproof your home give our talented crew a call today!