How Can Fort Lauderdale Attic Insulation Help You Beat the Summer Heat?Homeowners usually think that insulation is only used to keep their house warm during cold weather. Most of the time, people don’t realize that insulation in your attic is also crucial to prevent warm air from entering your house as well. The insulation throughout your attic supports your air conditioning system by reducing the load it needs to carry to keep the temperature in your home comfortable. The better your insulation in Fort Lauderdale is, the more you can potentially save on utility bills.

What is Insulation and How Does it Benefit Your House?

Insulation is a thermal barrier, which is something that reduces or stops the passage of heat from one place to another. During the cold months of winter, the insulation in your house blocks the heat that is inside from going outside. Insulation makes it easier to heat your house and allows your heating system to run less, saving you money on your monthly bills while maintaining a warm and comfortable temperature in your home.

During the hot months of summer, your insulation does the exact opposite. In this case, insulation helps block the hot air that is outside from getting in. This saves your cooling system from being overloaded, again saving money on your utility bills. Since insulation acts to keep the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer, it actually serves to keep your home enjoyable all year long.

Attic and Roof Insulation Can Have a Large Impact on Your Home

Attic and Roof Insulation Can Have a Large Impact on Your HomeHaving more insulation between the roof and the attic will help decrease excessive heat from getting in your residence.

The roof of your house faces unmerciful temperatures during the summer, and it absorbs heat and sunshine every day, all day. This situation frequently makes your attic the hottest area in your entire house. Insulation in the attic and walls acts to create a barrier between your living areas and all that hot air. Not having correctly placed insulation in your house, is like leaving the top of your freezer wide open, the cold air quickly escapes, and the hot air negatively affects the contents. When you create a barrier with insulation in your attic, you keep the cold and hot air where you want them and your AC does not have to work as hard to preserve the inside temperature.

Are There Other Benefits of Having Insulation in Fort Lauderdale?

Besides the fact that insulation keeps you comfortable in your house by preventing unwanted air exchange, insulation installed in Fort Lauderdale can also reduce noises. However, some insulation materials do little to reduce noise and are made to reflect heat only. These types of insulation will maintain the temperature in your home, but won’t offer you any extra benefits.

Are There Other Benefits of Having Insulation in Fort Lauderdale?If you are trying to find a suitable type of insulation for soundproofing in your house, you should consider the distinct types of sound and which of these you are trying to mask. There are three types of sounds, the first is outside airborne, which is noise coming from outside, including, neighbors’ noise, traffic or even construction work. There are also inside airborne sounds, which include music, TV, and loud conversation. The other type of noise you may be concerned about is known as impact noise. This type of noise can come from heavy footsteps or even from large appliances. If you are seeking to reduce impact noises in your home, fiberglass insulation is the best option. However, if you are trying to decrease airborne sounds, spray foam insulation would be the best choice.

Remember that even high-grade insulation won’t block all noises entirely since outdoor sounds can come through your windows as well. You might need to consider sound preventing windows, in addition to insulation, if you need soundproofing above and beyond what insulation can offer.

Call a Professional and Avoid DIY Mistakes

In order for your Fort Lauderdale insulation to be effective, we recommend installation by a professional team. At A Best Insulation, we believe in excellence and ensure quality service and timely completion for all your insulation needs.

Contact our team to get a free quote and learn more about insulation in Fort Lauderdale and all the services we offer. The more insulation you have in your attic, the longer it will take the intense Florida heat to reach your living spaces. Don’t wait for the heat of next summer, give us a call right away.