Sitting in my living room with a glass of cold drink in my hand, I planned on having a relaxing day at home one especially hot day this past summer. Even though it was extremely hot outside, inside my home it was nice and cool with the air conditioning on. After a short while, however, I started feeling warm and got up to crank up the air conditioning. A few minutes passed by and the room still did not feel very cool. Soon, I was disappointed to know that my air conditioner was not working anymore. That was the end of my relaxing day.

A few days later, I had a professional come in to fix my air conditioning unit. He told me that the summer heat can put a lot of stress on the air conditioner, which can lead to breakages. This got me thinking if there was a solution to keeping my home cool without overworking my air conditioner. Turns out, there is a way to do this. Read on to find out.

Radiant Barriers

Fort Lauderdale insulation installersThese are exactly what they sound like – barriers made of a material that blocks heat from the sun. Generally, they are made of aluminum applied to a plastic film, cardboard, or plywood. They are quite effective at reducing heat, especially in places with hot and dry climates such as Florida and California. A radiant barrier installed in an attic or directly underneath the roof rafters allows much of the heat radiated from the hot roof to be reflected back and very little radiant heat emitted downwards. This could reduce the temperature of your attic up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The barrier is generally perforated to ensure that moisture is able to pass through, and there is no condensation buildup. The important thing to remember is that radiant barriers that are not facing an airspace don’t work. If a radiant barrier is sandwiched between a layer of sand and a concrete slab, for example, it would work as a conductor, not an insulator.

Where Radiant Barriers Make Sense

Radiant barriers are best used in places with hot, sunny climates that experience a lot of heat gain from the sun. As the hot rays of the sun hit the aluminum foil (this is typically what radiant barriers are made of), they are reflected away from your attic or roof, thus keeping your home cooler. Installing a radiant barrier the right way is important to have a high degree of effectiveness. For best results, you can hire professionals from A Best Insulation – the leading Fort Lauderdale insulation company. Over the years, we have performed thousands of jobs for satisfied customers in installing radiant barriers or other types of insulation.

As experienced professionals, our team will make sure that a radiant barrier in your home is installed away from wiring or electrical devices so as to avoid conducting any electricity. We also make sure not to install this barrier on top of insulation in order to prevent moisture from being trapped between the two materials. Our experts also know that radiant barriers work best when they are installed under roof tiles with the foil facing down between the rafters. All of these considerations need to be kept in mind so that faulty installation can be avoided. So, rather than trying to install radiant barriers yourself, contact us at A Best Insulation to get service from the best Fort Lauderdale insulation installers.

Radiant Barrier Benefits for Your Home

A Best InsulationSince radiant barriers reflect up to 97% of radiant heat from a home’s attic, the rooms in your home stay cooler for longer. Preventing heat gain to your home allows you to use your air conditioner less, thus decreasing your utility bills. Since your air conditioner is not stressed, it leads to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan, thus saving you more money. With all these benefits, it makes sense to install a radiant barrier if your home is in a place with hot weather. These barriers can be installed in a new or older home. In Florida, A Best Insulation has the best insulation installers Fort Lauderdale offers.

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