Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation (SPF)

Spray foam Insulation is the more efficient thermal barrier to prevent heat transfer from Attic space towards the living space. The most used practice is applying the foam directly underneath the roof deck, between the joists, down to the exterior walls of the house, on the gable wall ends and sealing off the entire attic space.

The method used is called the “non-vented attic method”

With this method, the attic becomes conditioned space. The great advantage is that it reduces the high summer temperatures (more than 130 degrees) inside the attics where the duct system usually is located, which implies the reduction in the workload of your air conditioning system.

The SPF will provide better energy performance, comfort, and interior air quality.

SPF Insulation can be used in attics, walls, and floors. There is no better insulating material that brings so many benefits to your home such as:

  • Reducing energy costs.
  • Prevents air and moisture infiltration.
  • Enhances Overall Building Stability. (Reduces insurance costs in hurricane areas)
  • Makes your home more comfortable.
  • HVAC equipment can be down-sized, thereby reducing construction costs.
  • Reduces airborne sound making the home acoustically tighter and more private from room to room.
  • It is permanent and will not sag.
  • Protects your family’s health from dangerous molds, airborne pollutants, and allergens.
  • SPF contains no formaldehyde or ozone-depleting substances.

Exothermic reaction of mixing “A-Side” and “B-Side” chemicals that produce the foam itself. This is the foam used for the thermal insulation.

Saving by doing Home Insulation

So, the critical question is how much you will save by adding the best ceilings, floors, and wall insulation for Florida homes?

Spray foam raises home comfort, and preserves the surroundings with lesser use of power. According to a government resource (DOE), a typical U.S. family uses around $1500 every year on various energy methods. This study by DOE also shows that 44% of the utility bills of the homeowners go towards cooling and healing expenditure.

This billing can be decreased by around 10 to 50% by insulation. One meaningful step towards it is by raising the quantity of thermal insulation inside existing homes. Unless you may buy additional insulation while you are purchasing a new home.

It might be that your home was built by providing specific attention to energy productivity. Unless, the addition of insulation will, in all probability, reduce your utility bill.

The amount of energy you will save depends on the local climate, size, construction, and shape of your home and your family’s living habits. Performance and type of heating and cooling systems, along with the fuel you are using, will also contribute towards energy saving.


Many home insulation companies in Florida use various materials such as spray foam to lower your energy bills.

They also keep your homes satisfactory in both hot and cold weather. Once you have chosen the insulation contractor such as A Best Insulation, check the contract to ensure that the deal includes specifications, costing, mode of payment, and warranty information from the insulation material maker. Also, guarantee that this contract has information about the kind of insulation used. All sorts of insulation must be listed according to their R-Value.


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