Insulation is a vital component of any home renovation project since it provides a solution to help make a house more energy efficient. The state of Florida is located in a temperate zone and inhabitants have to deal with high winds and moisture in the air year-round. Deciding on the kind of insulation necessary for home renovations or build, it can be difficult to narrow down the list. Understanding its importance in a temperate zone like Florida and how it works is just one step towards answering these questions.

Insulation in Fort Lauderdale

The Role Insulation Plays

Insulation in Fort Lauderdale is an important part of any home, but many people may not be familiar with the vital role it plays. The short answer for the role insulation plays is it helps to keep the temperature within the home relatively stable. This is to ensure people in the home feel comfortable and are not affected by the outside weather. When homes are improperly insulated it can lead to or contribute to serious illness for people living inside.

Our Fort Lauderdale Insulation Company will not only take care of any concerns you have with insulation but will ensure the structural integrity of your home when doing an installation. Homes that lack insulation will experience a constant change in temperature that can lead to the interior studs warping or buckling. Paint may even start to peel off the walls and the increase in moisture can cause mold to grow in dark and enclosed areas. This can lead to hundreds, usually thousands of dollars in repairs alone to repair the structural integrity of the home.

The Right Insulation for the Home

Insulation in Fort Lauderdale comes in many different forms, one of the most popular ones being spray foam. We understand not everyone is familiar with the different types of insulation on the market which is why we do our best to educate our clients on what to expect. Understanding the different types of insulation and the facts behind them enable our clients to choose the ideal one for their home renovation project.

Spray Foam

A Best InsulationThere are two types of spray foam people can choose from, which are called the open and closed cell. The type of foam people choose to use doesn’t matter, but in order for this kind of insulation to be effective, it has to be in direct contact with the structure. Spray foam is often the first choice for many people since it provides an air barrier and insulation which makes alignment almost unnecessary.

Spray foam will help to maintain the internal temperature of a garage, but there have been occasions where issues have arisen from using this type of insulation. Our Fort Lauderdale insulation company will ensure the job is done right the first time and ensure we do not miss any leakage sites. One of the most common issues with using spray foam though is when it begins to contract and pull away from the frame. This causes the insulation to be ineffective and is unavoidable in most scenarios. The majority of foam insulation installations will work fine though and keep the garage insulated.

Fiberglass Foam

The fiberglass foam is the kind most people will hear about and may have even seen at one point. This foam has the appearance of cotton candy or fluff and the application process of it is fairly easy. Rolls of fiberglass foam are applied to the walls in sheets and like other types of insulation comes with various R ratings. How fiberglass foam works are it traps pockets of outgoing and incoming air which helps to regulate the temperature. This helps to keep the garage at a constant temperature so it’s comfortable throughout the year.

When considering whether your garage needs insulation, it’s often recommended for the Florida state. The temperatures can become unbearable during certain times of the year and you want to maintain the structural integrity of the garage.

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