Does Fort Lauderdale Insulation Work in the Summer?Many people think that insulation is only important to their Fort Lauderdale home during the colder weather. Insulation is important during the colder months, the actual job of your insulation is to slow the movement of heat between two spaces in your home. This means that during the months of summer, the insulation in your home will prevent it from overheating.

How Does Insulation Work?

In order to understand how insulation works in both cold and warm weather, you will need to see how insulation works.

There are several different types of insulation available for your home. They all work very similarly to one another. For example, bulk insulation which includes wool or fiberglass works by trapping bubbles of air within the material. Air is a great insulator when it is trapped and is not able to move freely. So when the air bubbles are trapped within this lightweight material, it creates an amazing insulating effect. This entire process works to prevent heat transfer. Therefore, it works in both the colder and warmer weather. The warm air will not be able to travel across the barrier which means your insulation is doing its job.

How can you Maximise the Effect of Insulation During Warm Weather?

How can you Maximise the Effect of Insulation During Warm Weather?If you have insulation in all of the key areas throughout your home, such as your attic and walls, you will have taken the first step towards creating a really great barrier. This barrier will prevent heat from getting into your home during a superbly hot day.

Beyond insulation, there are other tips that you can take advantage of which will help you make sure that the heat stays outside of your home while keeping the cool air in!

First, you could get an air conditioner but this option would kind of defeat the purpose of using your insulation as a means to save energy and money. With that being said, we have some tips that can help you prevent the warm summer air from getting into your home without having to turn on your AC.

  • Solar gain leads to warmth being amplified in your home. This means that if the sun is out and your blinds are open, the sun will amplify the heat behind your window (your home). You can avoid this warmth by keeping your blinds or drapes down in an effort to prevent solar gain impacting your home.
  • Air circulation is very important. During the evening when it is cooler outside, you should try and open as many windows as possible. This will help your home to cool down. With superb insulation, it will prevent the heat from leaving your home at night. So, it is best for you to let the heat out when the temperature is at its coolest.
  • Using a fan to circulate the air is okay and it will make you feel cooler. However, remember that is still an electrical tool that will increase your energy bill. In addition to that, the electrical output from your fan will increase the ambient temp and your insulation will work to trap it in. If it is absolutely necessary, try sitting a bowl of cold water or ice under your fan. This will create the effect of a DIY air conditioning unit and help keep you cooler.

Is Insulation Important During the Summer?

The best example of seeing your insulation at work is by going into your attic. If you have an attic that is well-insulated and you visit it during the summer, you will notice that the area is quite cold. This is due to the heat being blocked from reaching the loft thanks to the insulation in the ceiling right below the attic.

If you visit the attic during the summer in Fort Lauderdale, you will notice that is extremely hot up there. This is because the sun has heated up the attic but thanks to your insulation, it has slowed the movement of the heat from going into the lower region of your home.

With that said, wall insulation that is solid does the exact same as the ceiling insulation right below your attic. That means that you do not have to turn on your air conditioning unit during the summer months which can save you a ton of money!

The key thing to remember is that insulation is a barrier which will stop heat from transferring across. At A Best Insulation in Fort Lauderdale, we can help you choose the best insulation for your home to keep you cool all summer long.