Why Insulation for the Attic Is a Must-Have in FL Homes

Insulation in your floors, walls, and ceilings helps keep your home fresh in the summer and heated in the winter. But the story doesn’t end there. There are different insulation recommendations and requirements for different parts of your home. Now we’ll go over insulation for your attic and why it’s necessary to your Florida home.

Why should You Care about Insulation for Attics?

Importance of Attic Insulation

  • Heat rises, which means it ends up in the attic.In colder weather, the air you are paying hard-earned money to heat might get trapped in your attic instead of circulating back into your house to keep you and your family satisfied.
  • An attic without insulation will allow hot air to enter your home.In warmer weather, when you are trying to keep heat out, this undesired summer air can pose a lot of problems. Your air conditioning system will be required to work harder to keep your home fresh.
  • Missing or inefficient insulation in the attic means that fresh air in your home can easily escape.For the likewise reasons we just went over, energy avoiding your home will skyrocket your energy bills.
  • Spray foam insulation applied to your attic ceiling can reduce and prevent water damage caused by rainwater.Water dripping into your home puts your home at risk for mold growth, leading to misery and potential health problems. Moisture penetrating your building materials will ultimately compromise the integrity of your home.

Because of these attic-specific difficulties, a higher R-Value is needed for attics. Depending on the type of heating system you have, attics need an R-Value of 38-49. This is much higher than what is wanted for walls, which need an R-Value of 13-18. In such a vital part of your home, you want to make sure you cover it adequately.

What’s the Best way to Insulate your Attic?

The Best Type of Insulation for AtticsSpray foam insulation is meant to seal air leaks and to put out water and mold. It holds the wanted (and expensive) air in your home while blocking the rest out. Its features make it an excellent choice for attic covering.

Installing spray foam insulation is a complicated process, so it’s most comfortable to perform on new construction homes throughout the building phase. But if you have an existing home, lacking attic insulation, don’t worry. Spray foam is recommended for any home, new or not-so-new.

Are you already considering a home renovation? This is an ideal time to think about your insulation requirements. Hold in mind that after installing spray foam insulation, your home will require to vent for a few days to get rid of the fumes. Nevertheless, once the fumes clear, your home will be safe for yourself and your family.

How can You Learn more about your Attic Insulation Options?

If it’s time to rethink your loft insulation, contact Ab insulation to schedule your free spray foam insulation consultation. A spray foam expert will lead an assessment and walk you through the best ways to improve your Florida home’s insulation.

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