Commercial building insulation has a direct impact on your business. When your commercial building is well insulated, customers and employees are more comfortable, and energy costs are kept down. Energy savings can be invested back into your company. At A Best Insulation, we are
experts at energy audits of commercial buildings and can recommend a customized insulation solution so you can have a more comfortable, less expensive commercial establishment.

Basic Types of Commercial Insulation

Batt insulation, spray foam, and cellulose are the three major types of commercial insulation. Your commercial insulation company should make a thorough assessment of your building’s  construction and age before recommending the type of insulation that will work best. When installed correctly and in the correct quantity, commercial building insulation not only makes your building more comfortable and cheaper to run, it improves soundproofing, for a less noisy workplace.

Insulation Energy Savings in the USA

The insulation already in place in buildings in the USA reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 800 million  tons per year, which is equivalent to the output of more than 150 coal-fired power production plants. Insulation in the USA saves the equivalent of the electricity required to power 90 million homes for one year. Insulation saves the equivalent of 5.5 barrels of oil for every American every year.

Energy Consumed by Production of Insulation

The production of insulation does require energy consumption, but for every BTU consumed in insulation production, 12 BTUs are saved once the insulation is installed. Each pound of carbon dioxide emitted during insulation production saves 330 pounds of carbon dioxide from being
produced. Furthermore, many types of insulation can be reclaimed and reused from buildings that are torn down.

Insulation: The Simplest Most Cost Effective Choice

Every year, insulation saves 600 times more energy than compact fluorescent light bulbs, Energy Star rated appliances, and Energy Star rated windows combined. It also works effectively as soundproofing – an added benefit that many homeowners and commercial building owners appreciate.

At A Best Insulation, we’re a commercial insulation company with the knowledge
and experience in the insulation industry that lets us make your commercial building as comfortable and cost-effective as possible.

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