When you are looking at insulation for your Miami home, there can be tons of questions that you may have. It can be hard to know which contractor to use, what type of insulation to get, or if your home even needs the added thermal protection. We have created a list of a few of the most common insulation questions and answers for them to make the process of shopping for insulation easier.

What Parts of My House Should Have Insulation? 

What Parts of My House Should Have Insulation?

Typically, houses have insulation throughout their entirety. Attics, walls, and crawlspaces all need the added thermal protection that insulation can provide. Most homes have the largest amount of heat transfer through their roof. This means that one of the most essential places for a Miami home to have insulation is in the attic. 

What Does R-Value Mean?

The R stands for resistance, and it represents a resistance to heat flow. The larger the R-Value, the better the material is at insulating an area. The temperatures where you live and the kind of thermal resistance you need will determine the necessary R-Value of your insulation.

How Do I Know How Much Insulation My Home Will Need?

The total amount of new insulation needed for your home depends on the type of insulation that is used such as batt, blow-in, or spray foam, as well as the R-Value that your home needs to stay energy efficient. Be sure that you factor in the size of the area you need to insulate.

How Can I Tell How Much Insulation I Already Have?

That depends on the type of insulation you have. If your insulation is blown-in insulation, you can actually use a ruler to measure the amount in your attic or crawl space. If you have 10 inches or less, you should consider getting more added to what you have. If you are unfamiliar with your attic or insulated space, please call a contractor to do an insulation inspection for you.

If I Need to Add New Insulation Will I Need to Have the Old Insulation Removed?How Can I Tell How Much Insulation I Already Have?

There are a few situations where old insulation must be removed, and those are listed below.

  • If any of the insulation has been water damaged
  • If pests have destroyed any of the insulation
  • If any of the insulation is showing deterioration from age

Typically, you can add new insulation to good existing insulation. Talk to an insulation contractor today to see if you can add new insulation to that which your home already has.

Is Getting New Insulation an Expensive Process?

Insulation is way more affordable than most people typically think. Though it is an initial investment, there are very few times that you are not able to save as much or more than you spent on your insulation over the next few years through lower cooling or heating bills.

Are There Tax Credits Available for New Insulation?

Yes, there are some tax credits for homeowners who add new energy efficient insulation to their homes. Some gas and electric companies will also offer credits to customers who buy more energy efficient appliances or add modifications such as updated insulation to their homes. Be sure to look into your power company’s policies.

Do I Need to Get a Contractor to Install my Insulation?

Though some people have been known to do their home insulation projects on their own; crawl spaces and attics can be hazardous if you do not understand what you are doing when moving around in them. Also, some of the equipment used for the installation of insulation is very specialized and should not be used by anyone who is untrained. For your safety and the quality of your home energy efficiency, we recommend that you contact a contractor for all insulation projects.

Choose A Best Insulation for all your Miami Insulation Needs

Choose A Best Insulation for all your Miami Insulation NeedsHere at A Best Insulation, we not only provide you with insulation but with an entire energy efficiency package. We will first assess your home to see where the trouble areas are. Once we have identified any heat transfer problems, we will discuss and execute an affordable solution for your energy requirements. After we have completed the energy evaluation and installed the new insulation, we inspect our work with the same tools we used to diagnose the initial thermal issues. We will show you the reports so that you can see how well our insulation holds the energy, that you spend money on, in your home.

We take pride in our job because we have an opportunity not just to help you save money by having a home that is more energy efficient but also to help our planet by teaching our customers how they can independently conserve energy by having a more thermally efficient house. To learn more about A Best Insulation, look at our web page or contact us. Our team would love to discuss how we can help to make your home more energy efficient today.