Yes, You Should Have Attic Insulation in Warm Climates

Your Fort Lauderdale Attic Insulation Should Be at Least R-38

Insulation effectiveness is measured in R-value. R stands for Resistance. The number indicates the number of hours it will take for the inside temperature to equal the outside temperature with that insulation installed. In warmer climates, experts generally recommend attic insulation with R-values between 33 and 38. Increasing it to 49 can increase your savings, but anyone who recommends that you insulate to a higher R-level isn’t doing you any favors. You won’t see an increase in your savings to justify the added expense.

If You Can See Your Floor Joists You Probably Need More Attic Insulation

Not sure whether you have enough insulation in your attic? According to “This Old House,” if you can see the tops of the floor joists in your attic, you probably need to add more insulation. A Fort Lauderdale insulation company can do a home energy assessment and make recommendations to help you make you decision.

The Most Common Fort Lauderdale Attic Insulation Of one not

is Blown-in Fiber Glass

The easiest, least expensive and most common form of insulation used in Fort Lauderdale attics is blown-in loose Fiber Glass. Loose fiber glass is a very effective insulator in areas that don’t get a lot of traffic, such as your attic and in wall cavities.

For more information about how much you can save when you install attic insulation, contact one of the top attic insulation installers in Fort Lauderdale and schedule a home energy assessment.

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