Most people assume that their Miami insulation is installed throughout their home to keep it warmer during the winter months.

External Wall Insulation in Miami Is Not Just For Winter!However, the true purpose of insulation is to slow the rate at which the equilibrium of temperature is met as long as it is the same inside and outside of the house.  While this will likely never happen. However, if you never turned the heat on during the winter months, at some point the temperature inside the house would match the cold weather outside of the house. At this point, your house would be in equilibrium.  And if it was extremely cold outside, this would become a problem for you and your family.

Luckily for you, this takes quite some time to happen. However, it does happen and the bigger the difference in the outside and inside temperature, the quicker this equilibrium will happen. Think about it this way, during the cold winter months, how much quicker does your house feel cold when you compare it the spring temperature when you finally get to shut your heat off.

Insulation Slows The Rate of Temperature Changes in Your Home

As you might imagine, the job of insulation is to slow the rate at which this equilibrium is met. Therefore, a thicker layer of insulation will slow down the movement of heat more so than a thin layer. With that said, even if the weather is extremely cold in the winter months, with a thick layer of insulation, it should take a long time for the warm air in your home to cool down. This will provide you with an enormous amount of energy savings.

The same can be said with summer heat. If you do not currently have air conditioners or central air, the heat waves that we have been experiencing may leave you feeling miserable. You may have a hard time sleeping with the uncomfortable temperatures inside your home. This is where proper insulation installed by our team at A Best Insulation in Miami will make all the difference.

Keep Your Home Cool in The Summer Months

Keep Your Home Cool in The Summer MonthsExternal wall insulation works the opposite way as mentioned above during the summer months. This means it slows the rate at which the temperature equilibrium is met. This means that with your fans, air conditioning units, and our solid insulation you will be able to keep your home cool and comfortable even when the outside temps are unbearable.

So, while some may think that insulation is only beneficial during the winter months, it has benefits in the summer and will stop you from essentially overheating.

There has never been a better time than now, as we head into summer to have insulation installed in your home. At A Best Insulation, we have the best team to do it for you. We have installed insulation for numerous homeowners and business owners throughout Florida. We have a skilled team of installers that are the best in the business and are ready to help you face the hot summer months along with the colder months that will be approaching in the future. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.