Most people think that insulation is only essential for winter climates, and to their Miami property during cooler weather. However, insulation is also necessary during the warm months of summer. The actual use of your insulation is to block or slow the passage of heat between two areas of your house, either from the outside to the inside or the inside to the outside. If you go into your attic during the summer in Miami, you will notice that it is sweltering there. The insulation layer on the floor of your attic keeps that hot air from entering the lower levels of your home. Insulation in the walls of the house does the same thing. Having the right amount of insulation in Miami during the summer months will help you run your air conditioning unit less and keep your home from overheating.

How Does Insulation Work?

How Does Insulation Work?

To understand how insulation helps your home, in both cold and warm weather, you will need to know how insulation actually works.

There are several different kinds of insulation available for installation in your home, and they all work similarly. One of the types that you can choose is batt insulation which uses wool or fiberglass to trap bubbles of air inside the material. Air is an excellent insulator if you can keep it in one place. When air bubbles are caught in the lightweight substance of batt insulation, it creates an effective insulating result. The insulation process works to prevent heat transfer. Consequently, it serves this purpose in both colder and warmer weather. When hot air is not allowed to travel through the wall from either side, your insulation is doing what it is supposed to be doing. Other types of insulation include loose fill and spray foam.

How Can You Optimize the Effect of Insulation in Miami

How Can You Optimize the Effect of Insulation in Miami?

If you have chosen insulation in Miami, for all of the key areas in your house, such as the attic and the walls, you have taken the first step towards creating a barrier between you and the outside elements. An insulation barrier keeps the heat from seeping into your house during the hot days. In addition to insulation, there are other suggestions that you can take advantage of, that will help you ensure that the heat stays out while keeping the cold air in.

First of all, you can get an air conditioning unit. However, this decision may defeat using your insulation in Miami as a way to save energy and money. A more costeffective way to keep your home cool is considering closing your curtains more often during the day. Solar warmth coming through uncovered windows can amplify the heat in your home. You can combat this by shutting your curtains or blinds to prevent the sun from impacting the temperature in your home.

Air circulation is also essential. During the evening when it is cooler outside, you can try opening windows, as much as possible, to help your house to cool down. Just remember to close them the next morning before the heat starts to rise again.

Using a fan to help circulate the air in your home is also beneficial and will make the environment cooler. However, remember that a fan is still an electrical tool that will use energy, and may affect your utility bills. Additionally, the electrical output from your fan can raise a room’s temperature which your insulation will work to confine. You can try placing a bowl of cold water or ice in the path of the breeze created by the fan if you notice that your fan is generating more heat than you would like it to. This is meant to create the effect of a “manual” AC unit.

 At A Best Insulation in Miami, we can help you choose the best insulation for your home to keep you comfortable all summer long.You may have insulation in your attic already, however, if your attic does not have enough insulation, you may be fighting a losing battle. If you don’t have enough insulation to create an effective barrier to stop the transfer of heat between the inside and the outside of your home you may be spending too much trying to keep your environment at a suitable temperature.

At A Best Insulation in Miami, we can help you choose the best insulation for your home to keep you comfortable all summer long.