Insulation Spray Foam is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce your energy bills and increase comfort levels in your home or business. It can save you hundreds of months on your utility bill. However, many people are not aware of the difference between insulation for commercial properties and residential homes.

When it comes to insulation the difference between home and commercial buildings is the thickness of their walls, due to the different standards required for each building.

How Does Commercial Insulation Differ from Residential Insulation:

Commercial Insulation is required by law to have a certain amount of insulation. This is due to the building codes that have been put into place. The codes specify how much heat loss is allowed for different areas of the building, depending on factors like size and function.

For example, an office building will be required to have less heat loss than a garage area due to its smaller size and occupancy.

Commercial insulation also has to meet certain safety standards; since it is located near sources of flammable materials.

Residential insulation is not required to meet these standards, simply because of the nature of residential buildings and their usage.

For example, most residential homes are single-level, with a roof designed for snow storage.

Commercial buildings do not have this same risk of snow damage due to their multi-levels and flat roofs.

This means that the insulation they require needs to be thicker in order to meet building codes, which also adds to the costs of installing insulation.

Residential insulation is also cheaper since it is constructed from fewer materials.

When it comes to Commercial and Residential Insulation they all serve different purposes and benefits, so it’s important that you look into each of your options in order to get the best insulation for your needs.

What Are the Benefits of Using Spray Insulation in a Home or Business Setting:

Insulation Sprayed Foam is an excellent choice for people looking for long-term benefits. The main benefits of spray foam insulation are:

-Fast Curing

-Good for Air Sealing

-High R-Values

-Great Compatibility

-Reduces Heat Transfer

Overall, considering commercial and residential insulation serve different purposes, researching the insulation that suits your needs is necessary. To get the right kind of insulation for your needs, give us a call at A Best Insolation. We bring the benefits of professional and well needed insulation to South Florida homes. Contact A Best Insolation.