If you are renovating any structural areas of your home, you will need to re-insulate your walls before covering with sheetrock. Once the walls are taken down, you have the opportunity to upgrade your fiberglass insulation to polyurethane spray foam.

The polyurethane foam sprays into all of the nooks and crannies of your walls, roofs and ceilings, creating an air-sealed barrier. This is important because you can be losing as much as 40 percent of your energy through any gaps or holes in the insulation. By sealing your home with spray foam, you are addressing any air leaks that allow drafts into your residence. You can also prevent the entrance of allergens thorough these air leaks.

Choose A Best Insulation For Your Spray Foam Solution

Once you have decided to upgrade your home’s insulation to polyurethane spray foam, you should call A Best Insulation for a free energy expert visit. A Best Insulation offers several services to keep your home energy efficient. During your free consultation, learn more about how A Best Insulation can seal duct leaks, update your HVAC system and reduce outside noise. Call 855-563-9372 for your free estimate today.

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