Insulation in MiamiChoosing the right insulation that meets your needs can be a daunting task. There are many different types of insulations made of various materials. Although the insulations may vary in material, they are all meant to do the same thing. Through the utilization of pockets of air within the insulation, insulations purpose is to resist heat transfer within the material itself. The various types of material used in different insulations offer different abilities to slow heat transfer. Although the process of selecting which insulation suits your needs best can be difficult, especially to a novice, A Best Insulation in Miami has you covered! Below we will cover the importance of insulation, what type you should consider for your needs, and why we are a terrific choice to meet those needs.

How Insulation Works

We know that insulation is used to resist heat transfer in our homes, to keep heat contained when the outside temperature is low. Alternatively, insulation keeps cool air in when the outside temperature is too high. Insulation holds in heat by trapping pockets of dry air inside itself. Air is not a particularly great conductor of heat, so bulky, preferably lightweight materials are used to trap vast amounts of air within the walls insulation resides in. Depending on where you live, the type of insulation you need will vary. Insulation’s ability to resist heat and the flow of air are measured in R-values, R-values are used to rate thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the higher the insulation’s ability to resist heat flow. An insulation’s R-value is determined by its thickness, density, and material it is made from.

Efficiency is Key

As a homeowner or contractor, one of your main concerns should be saving money. Insulation can directly factor into your heating and cooling bills and have a huge impact on the amount owed. Poor insulation can result in your furnace or air conditioning unit working overtime, using much more energy than necessary. As we know, more energy equates to more money spent on your bills. An efficient, well-insulated home, will shield us from the elements and allow adequate climate control to keep us comfortable. Here in Miami, we don’t have to worry too much about cold weather, but we have other factors present in our climate that make insulation extremely important. Our lack of cold weather is certainly made up for in heat and humidity. Staying cool in our climate is sometimes a necessity. A properly insulated home will keep your home cool and the utility bill from running the air conditioner down.

Determining Where You Will Need Insulation

A Best Insulation

We have touched on the climate of a region plays a big role in what type of insulation you will need. There are many types of insulation that serve different purposes. When renovating or building a home you may ask yourself if a room or area of your home needs insulation. Take the attic, for example, it is not like anyone is going to be hanging out up there. Why waste money on insulating a part of a home not used? Although attics are not a high traffic area or space somebody would want to spend time in, they play a huge role in an efficient home. In warm regions like ours, especially in the summer months, the amount of heat generated from the sun on a roof can be staggering. The heat can easily seep into living areas, cause your thermostat to rise, and your air conditioning unit to work overtime.

Types of Insulation

Assuming you are new to building or renovating a home, how do you know which type of insulation to use? Your contractor will typically be able to make a good choice to suit your needs. A good contractor will consider climate, cost, and what material is needed. Some common types of insulation include: Blown-in or loose-fill, which are used for difficult areas, new wall gaps, and repairing existing walls. Batts and rolls are used for ceilings, floors, and unfinished walls. Rigid board and foam are used for unfinished walls and unvented roofs, ideal for new or unfinished products. The materials these insulations are made of is typically fiberglass which is excellent for trapping hot air. Fiberglass is used in blown-in, loose fill, and blanket insulations.

Why A Best Insulation?

A Best Insulation is dedicated to meeting all your insulation needs and ensuring the cost of keeping your home comfortable doesn’t break the bank. We’ve been offering insulation in Miami for years and approach each job with professionalism and respect. Preserving energy and resources is our passion, saving you money is our priority!

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